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The Pandorica has opened. The Doctor has successfully rebooted the universe. Amy and Rory’s wedding was a sight to behold. But what about the Doctor’s adventures after the honeymoon was over? This is the story of his journeys through time and space between the conclusion of “The Big Bang” and his return in “The Impossible Astronaut”.

The 2011-2012 Series Has Concluded!

For now, feel free to follow the spinoff campaign: Misadventures in Time and Space.


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Series Finale


It has all come down to this. In “Bark at the Moon” the Doctor crossed paths with Viking warrior Magnus ver Magnusson, who exhibited strange regenerative capabilities. In “Ghost World”, the origin of that strange power was revealed. Now, Magnus will discover its purpose. An unexpected tragedy strikes the TARDIS and her crew, forcing him down the path of destiny during the Doctor’s greatest trial. And if he does not succeed, Silence will fall…

Episode 12


When the Doctor takes his companions on a trip to observe the undisturbed glory of the Ashen Stars, a physics-defying cluster of suns blanketing an area of space legendary for having never been home to life of any kind, Magnus falls into a mysterious coma. Unable to determine its source, they have no choice but to seek outside assistance. Fortunately, the TAS Thoth, a Torchwood Archive ship, is nearby on a mission to survey the system. Its medical bay, and the expertise of its staff, may be Magnus’ only hope. But the crew of the Thoth is currently struggling with problems of its own…

Episode 11


The Doctor and his companions have had a rough go of it lately. Fortunately, there’s a Doctor in the house and he has the cure: Christmas! More to the point: one of the most extravagant holiday extravaganzas in the history of time and space. But, like most things with the Doctor, there’s always a hitch…

Episode 10


Tensions run high between the Doctor and his companions, in the wake of their accidental detour to a strange world with all-male, human inhabitants, genetically engineered to grow from the very soil of the planet itself. But most troubling of all: the death of its architect, Anon, revealed in his final moments to be not only a Time Lord, but perhaps the future love of the Maven… as well as her murderer. How can this be possible? The answers may have to wait, because there are more pressing problems to contend with. Someone—or something—is trying to seize control of the TARDIS. To save her, the Doctor will have to face the boarding action head on. But the enemy isn’t trying to get in. It’s already here.

Episode 9


For the next stop of Jig and Magnus’ whirlwind tour of time and space, the Doctor whisks them away to the Isle of Man, the United Kingdom’s self-governing Crown dependency. But time travel can be very timey-wimey, especially with The Maven behind the wheel of a TARDIS, bringing them to a stop in a place both unlike anything the Doctor intended, and yet entirely appropriate…

Episode 8


What do Daleks, living plastic, and cotton candy have in common? The Doctor and his companions find out on a trip to the Yorkshire seaside, where the Last Great Time War has left an unexpected mark on a small coastal town, and a Torchwood operative has allowed personal agendas to cloud her professional judgement… and inadvertently created a day without end that everyone—human, Dalek, and Nestene alike—will do anything to escape. Perhaps even… cooperate?

Episode 7


Do you like Huey Lewis and the News? The Doctor’s companions intend to find out. In 1980’s San Francisco, drunk off their victory against the Gatekeeper, all everyone wants to do is let their hair down and rock out. But things rarely go according to plan…

Episode 6


On their journey to discover what strange anomaly has affected the TARDIS’ ability to accurately travel through the Vortex, the Doctor and his companions journey to the brink of reality itself. On the border between space-time and the infinite Void, they come into contact with a strange cosmic anomaly… and a seemingly abandoned space station in orbit around it, hidden beneath the clouds of a gaseous world. Here, the Doctor’s skills will be pushed to their limit; the source of Magnus’ strange powers will be revealed; he and Jig will both grow closer to understanding the Doctor’s sacrifice when forced to face their own regrets; and Thalia, the Maven, will face great temptation in the offer of the station’s custodian, the powerful Eternal known as the Gatekeeper, either earning the Doctor’s trust at last or losing it forever…

Episode 5


The Doctor has come to present day Cardiff in search of his old friend, Jack Harkness. Shortly after arriving, he and his companions are drawn into helping Torchwood solve a bizarre murder mystery…

Episode 4


The last thing the Doctor expected to find in Deadwood was another Time Lord, spared from the Last Great Time War by a freak accident which crashed her TARDIS in earth’s history. Now, they must work together to track a mad scientist who has harnessed the last remnants of atron energy from her TARDIS and created a clockwork Vortex Manipulator. The chase takes them to the distant future, where they discover they aren’t the only ones hunting for the infamous Doctor Wu…

Episode 3


The West doesn’t get much wilder in 1876, as the TARDIS’ arrival in Deadwood, South Dakota brings new meaning to the phrase, “wrong place, wrong time.” When the Doctor is subsequently kidnapped by an opportunistic band of outlaws, it is up to Magnus Ver Magnusson and Jig, along with a mysterious and adventurous saloon girl, to make sure the Black Hills aren’t the Time Lord’s last stop…

Episode 2


The Doctor and his companions venture to the year 4143, to the earth-like world of Yedias, where they encounter a primitive culture whose strange traditions threaten to bring the Doctor face-to-face with a familiar enemy…

Episode 1


When a street-savvy teenager from the rough-and-tumble streets of industrial age New York sneaks onto the TARDIS, the Doctor promptly whisks his new companion off for a grand adventure in the age of the Vikings, where they encounter a fearless warrior, Magnus Ver Magnusson, and assist him in ridding the countryside of a vicious creature which takes his fellow villagers in the dead of night, never to be seen again…

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