Doctor Who

Episode One: Bark at the Moon

Session Date: August 11, 2011

After dropping Amy and Rory off from their honeymoon jaunt, the Doctor traveled to New York in 1898. While there, a streetwise 14-year old boy named Jig sneaked into the TARDIS. When the Doctor returned to find the boy poking around in his ship, it wasn’t long before, freshly alone and seeking companionship, he offred to whisk the boy away on a grand adventure throughout time and space. When Jig’s vivid imagination inspired him to ask the Doctor to take him to see Camelot, the Doctor tilted his eyes skyward in reminiscence. “Ah, yes, the Knights of the Round Table. Arthur is such a friendly fellow. Too bad about the wife, really. A terrible bit of business, that.”

Snapping out of his reverie, the Doctor clapped his hands and proclaimed, “Anyway!” He began to throw knobs and levers on the TARDIS console, this way and that. “The fascination with Camelot is so last Century—or next Century, rather. Nevermind! The point is, I know what you really want to see. Some Vikings!”

“Vikings?” Jig asked.

“Exactly! Nothing like a big, strapping Norseman to show you a good time! Drinkers of strong drink, lovers of strong women, and discoverers of America!” He thrust a finger at Jig. “Bet you didn’t know that, did you?”

“I don’t care about Vikings!”

The Doctor turned to Jig, his eyes wide and mouth agape in shock and horror. “Why not?” And then, with a sly grin, he threw one last lever on the console and smugly proclaimed, “Vikings are cool.”

The TARDIS hurled its way through the Vortex, finally blinking into existence right on the traveling path of Magnus Ver Magnusson. The Viking warrior cautiously watched as the doors flew open. Out jumped an excited Jig, followed moments after by the Doctor. The pair introduced themselves to the suspicious Norseman, and during the course of their conversation learned that Magnus had been sent on a quest for his village. A wise woman had sent him to slay a beast, lurking in a nearby cave, which was believed to be responsible for stealing villagers away on the dead of night.

“Interesting!” the Doctor proclaimed. “Nothing like a good-ole mysterious beastie to liven up a little vacation. Tell you what, Magnus. We will help you on your quest. Lead the way!”

Magnus led them to a dark, foreboding system of caves. As the three made their way through it, an odd tuft of hair caught the Doctor’s eye. Pulling out his sonic screwdriver, he scanned the tuft. “Time to go!” he said, after reading the results, and backtracked his way out of the cave. Jig followed, but Magnus hung back, unwilling to abandon his quest.

After a few moments, the ferocious beast came lumbering around the corner, and upon sight the Doctor’s suspicions were confirmed—a lupine wavelength haemovariform. A werewolf!

“Now would be a good time to RUN!” the Doctor shouted to Magnus, but the warrior wouldn’t listen. He drew his sword and stared down the vile beast, who charged right at him.

Magnus swung his sword, but the werewolf deftly dodges the blow and lashed out with his claws. The Viking stepped aside, ducking under the blow, but lost his footing and stumbled against the wall. His ankle broke, and as he turned to look back at his enemy, which snarled ferociously at him in response, Magnus was overcome with fear.

RUN!” the Doctor shouted again. And this time, Magnus did his best, taking great, painful leaps toward the mouth of the cave. As the werewolf closed the distance, the Doctor raised his sonic screw driver toward an unstable looking section of the cave arch. As Magnus passed into open air, he transmitted a frequency which sent the arch crashing down, barricading the werewolf in its lair and biding them all time to safely flee.

As they made their way back to the TARDIS, the Doctor observed that Magnus seemed capable of walking well on his injured ankle far quicker than he should have. He stopped their procession and scanned the Viking with his sonic screwdriver, and took note of the strange results of the reading—for some reason, Magnus could heal at a rate far exceeding that of the human standard. “Well, aren’t you just a unique little fellow,” he observed, but said nothing else of the matter before pressing onward to the TARDIS.

By the time they reached its doors, Magnus’ ankle was fully healed.

After explaining what they were up against, and that a concentrated beam of moonlight would be needed to kill the werewolf, the Doctor invited Magnus to join him in the TARDIS so they could acquire the tools he would need to defeat the creature. At first, Magnus was taken aback by the strange architecture of the TARDIS, and kept stepping back and forth across its threshold in shock and awe, before the Doctor finally threw up his hands and said, “Yes, yes, yes, it’s bigger on the inside! Can we got on with it now, please?”

Magnus closed the door, and the Doctor threw the TARDIS into a route of travel through the time vortex. Moments later, they arrived in the lush, green fields of England, on the 7th of October, 1540. The Doctor brought Jig and Magnus to the hills overlooking Torchwood House, and discovered it to be surrounded by British royal guards—newly posted after his last encounter at the manor, no doubt. He turned to Jig, gave the boy his sonic screwdriver, and described to him in great detail the amplification device housed within Sir MacLeish’s light weapon. Jig then set about sneaking into the mansion while the Doctor remained out of sight and Magnus distracted the guards outside, by stripping down to his loins and running around the estate grounds like a madman.

After climbing to an upper floor of the estate and sneaking into a window, Jig took his time and ducked into several bedrooms, looking for anything he could pilfer. In order to better disguise himself, he found and dressed in some young woman’s clothes, and hid things he found to take under the skirts.

Outside, the Doctor grew impatient waiting for Jig and decided to find his own way to sneak into the mansion…

When Jig finally reached the Observatory, he used the Sonic Screwdriver to open the lock, and stepped inside to find the Doctor in the process of climbing through an observatory window. Being the mischievous young boy, Jig used the Sonic Screwdriver to shut the window before the Doctor could climb inside. He then ran over to the light weapon, and recovered the apparatus before the Doctor could succeed in opening the window. When the Doctor finally walked into the room and over to the boy, he simply held out his hand, stone faced.

Jig handed over the Sonic Screwdriver.

“That’s the last time I let you play with my toys!” the Doctor huffed, and then Jig looped his arm through the Doctor’s and they casually made their way out of the manor, doing their best to look like they belonged there.

Meanwhile, outside, several of the English guards finally succeeded in cornering Magnus, who challenged one of them to a fight. Unafraid of the naked, mad man, the guard stepped out, raised his fists, and prepared to square off with the Viking. He threw his best punch, and Magnus didn’t even try to avoid it. The blow struck him square in the chest, and he didn’t even budge. This, coupled with Magnus’ feral grin, led the guards to back steadily away. They ordered him to leave the grounds, or else next time they would be forced to seize him.

Magnus merely laughed as his new friends walked out the front door.

They returned to the TARDIS and used it to return to evening on the same day they had just left. They returned to the werewolves cave. Using the viewing apparatus and several silver plates Jig pilfered from the manor, they rigged together a makeshift light weapon. Magnus then stood before the cave mouth, recently cleared, and called out for the werewolf. When it emerged from the cave, Magnus took his best fighter stance. It charged, and at the last moment Magnus dove away so that the light weapon, in Jig’s hands, could channel the moon’s rays into the werewolf. It was instantly obliterated into streamers of light, then gone.

They then hopped back into the TARDIS, returned to the Torchwood Estate, and Jig sneaked back inside and returned to the amplification device to its proper place. After gathering in the TARDIS again, the Doctor told Magnus he could return him to his home day and time, or if he wanted he was welcome to join him and Jig on another adventure.

Magnus accepted the Doctor’s invite. He climbed into the TARDIS. And his journey began.



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